Alternativas ao MovieMaker no Ubuntu



Ubuntu users can install LiVES simply by clicking on:
Thanks to Joao Pinto !


sudo apt-get install kino


sudo apt-get install pitivi


sudo apt-get install avidemux



Instructions to Install on Hard Heron Ubuntu
for all x86 (full working on 32 and 64 bits), by Paolo Rampino:
deb akirad-hardy main
Installation notes:
- For your convenience you can install a package for detecting your version of Ubuntu, installing akirad repository and keeping it updated.
Just double click on the link and install it with GDebi Package Installer.
Alternatively, use the following terminal command:
wget -c && sudo dpkg -i addakirad.deb
- To update the repository information press Reload in Synaptic Package Manager (Adept for Kubuntu) or use the following terminal command:
sudo apt-get update
- 7 are the packages available in the akirad repository:
cinelerra (x86 and x86_64 without opengl 2.0 video card)
cinelerra4-repack (Heroine Virtual version)
cinelerra-generic (all x86 and x86_64 with opengl 2.0 video card)
cinelerra-k7 (amd32 without opengl 2.0 video card)
cinelerra-k7gl (amd32 with opengl 2.0 video card)
cinelerra-k8 (amd k8 optimized with opengl 2.0 video card)
cinelerra-swtc (extra Shape Wipe Transitions)
- Ubuntu Hardy moved to Pulse Audio Sound driver. Since it comes with a PulseAudio ESD compatibility layer, Cinelerra can be set to work with PulseAudio. Simply open Cinelerra and go to Settings->Preferences->Playback->Audio Driver. Select ESound and set the following parameters:
Port: 7007
- These packages set shmmax to 0x7fffffff and add non-English language support for Cinelerra.
- Please, report any package bug to akir4d at gmail dot com
for i386 (not working on amd 32 bits), by Valentina Messeri:
deb ./


sudo apt-get install openmovieeditor

Conversão de formatos restritos para formatos OPEN:

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