Uma forma de instalar Wine



Primeiro, vamos adicionar o repositório com a última versão do wine, para isso, basta digitar os comandos abaixo:
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add - sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list
Agora, vamos instalar a última versão do Wine
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install wine
Vamos precisar de algumas bibliotecas que são necessárias para o Chrome rodar, para isso, vamos usar o Winetricks
wget cp winetricks /usr/sbin sudo chmod a+x /usr/sbin/winetricks winetricks riched20 riched30 flash
Esses comandos vão instalar o próprio Winetricks, as bibliotecas riched20, riched32 e o plugin flash.

Algumas opções do winetricks:

Usage: winetricks [options] package [package] ...

This script can help you prepare your system for Windows applications that mistakenly assume all users' systems have all the needed redistributable runtime libraries or fonts. Some options require the Linux 'cabextract' program.

-q quiet. You must have already agreed to the EULAs.
-v verbose
-V display Version

art2kmin MS Access 2000 runtime. License required!
colorprofile Standard RGB color profile
comctl32 MS common controls 5.80
comctl32.ocx MS comctl32.ocx and mscomctl.ocx, comctl32
wrappers for VB6
corefonts MS Arial, Courier, Times fonts
dcom98 MS DCOM, override the Wine implementation
dirac0.8 the obsolete Dirac 0.8 directshow filter
Sponsored by Lattica
directx9 MS DirectX 9 user redistributable MoinMoin Powered
divx divx video codec
dotnet11 MS .NET 1.1 (requires Windows license)
dotnet20 MS .NET 2.0 (requires Windows license)
ffdshow ffdshow video codecs
flash Adobe Flash Player ActiveX and firefox plugins
fontfix Fix bad fonts which cause crash in some apps (e.g. .net).
gdiplus MS gdiplus.dll (from powerpoint viewer)
gecko The HTML rendering Engine (Mozilla)
icodecs Intel Codecs (Indeo)
jet40 MS Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8
liberation Red Hat Liberation fonts (Sans, Serif,Mono)
mdac25 MS MDAC 2.5: Microsoft ODBC drivers, etc.
mdac27 MS MDAC 2.7
mdac28 MS MDAC 2.8
mfc40 MS mfc40 (Microsoft Foundation Classes from Visual C++ 4)
mfc42 MS mfc42 (see vcrun6 below)
mono19 mono-1.9.1-gtksharp-2.10.4-win32-2
msi2 MS Installer 2.0
msls31 MS Line Services 3.1 (needed by native riched?)
msxml3 MS XML version 3
msxml4 MS XML version 4
msxml6 MS XML version 6
ogg ogg filters/codecs: flac, theora, speex,vorbis, schroedinger
pdh MS pdh.dll (Performance Data Helper)
quicktime72 Apple Quicktime 7.2
riched20 MS riched20 and riched32
riched30 MS riched30
tahoma MS Tahoma font (not part of corefonts)
vb3run MS Visual Basic 3 runtime
vb4run MS Visual Basic 4 runtime
vb5run MS Visual Basic 5 runtime
vb6run MS Visual Basic 6 runtime
vcrun6 MS Visual C++ 6 sp4 libraries (mfc42,msvcp60, msvcrt)
vcrun2003 MS Visual C++ 2003 libraries(mfc71,msvcp71,msvcr71)
vcrun2005 MS Visual C++ 2005 libraries(mfc80,msvcp80,msvcr80)
vcrun2005sp1 MS Visual C++ 2005 sp1 libraries
vcrun2008 MS Visual C++ 2008 libraries(mfc90,msvcp90,msvcr90)
vjrun20 MS Visual J# 2.0 libraries (requires dotnet20)
wmp9 MS Windows Media Player 9 (requires Windows license)
wmp10 MS Windows Media Player 10 (requires Windows license)
wsh51 MS Windows Scripting Host 5.1
wsh56 MS Windows Scripting Host 5.6
wsh56js MS Windows scripting 5.6, jscript only, nocscript
wsh56vb MS Windows scripting 5.6, vbscript only,no cscript
xvid xvid video codec

autohotkey Autohotkey (open source gui scripting language)
firefox3 Firefox Version 3
kde KDE for Windows installer
mpc Media Player Classic
vlc VLC media player

allfonts All listed fonts (corefonts, tahoma, liberation)
allcodecs All listed codecs (xvid, ffdshow, icodecs)
fakeie6 Set registry to claim IE6sp1 is installed
native_mdac Override odbc32 and odbccp32
nt40 Set windows version to nt40
win98 Set windows version to Windows 98
win2k Set windows version to Windows 2000
winxp Set windows version to Windows XP
vista Set windows version to Windows Vista
winver= Set windows version to default (winxp)
volnum Rename drive_c to harddiskvolume0 (needed by some installers)
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