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Get the native subversion client

sudo apt-get install subversion

Eclipse 3.2 and 3.3 (Europa)

  • Install Eclipse 3.2 and Java 6 by following these instructions
  • Now download a pre-configured version of Eclipse 3.3 from here (provides a huge collection of plugins to conveniently add)
    • I start with the Java Developers package then add PHPEclipse, Subversive, EMF, and GEF
    • Also, I get the Green UML plugin
  • Now extract the archive you just downloaded
  • Now copy all those files into the actual eclipse folder and overwrite the old 3.2 files:

sudo cp -R ~/Desktop/eclipse/* /usr/lib/eclipse/

Python Stuff

  • Install Python stuff:

sudo aptitude install gcc libc6-dev python-dev python-setuptools python2.4-profiler
  • Install PyDev for Eclipse

sudo apt-get install eclipse-pydev
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