How to Servidor Debian com EMAIL

como montar um servidor debian, muito parecido com ubuntu:

Para configurar email com mysql este link é utili:

Outro link:

Mais um:

Se tiver erros de Permissão Negada, a sequencia de comandos me ajudou:
su - user -c 'maildirmake.dovecot /home/Mail/domain/user/Maildir'
chown -hR vmail:vmail /home/Mail
chmod -R 770 /home/Mail

Vou tentar depois instalar o webmail RoundCube em :

Removing old deleted mails

With IMAP you can mark emails as deleted and some email clients will not even show them any more. But the emails are still there and occupy space. Usually there is an option to purge all marked emails but many users do not care. So Michael Weisgerber suggests to run this command frequently via crontab to remove such emails:
find /home/vmail/ -name '*,ST' -ctime +7 | xargs rm -f

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