Instalando Familiar no iPaq H3900

Installing on H3900 uses the same basic process as installing on older models of iPAQ. This document only describes aspects that are specific to H3900.


The regular StrongARM bootblaster will not run on XScale-based machines. Use the H3900 build, available at


H3900 support is included in bootldr 2.19.xx. Binaries for XScale are located at

Root images

Some experimental root images live in this directory. The "-3900" images are appropriate for H3900. GPE2 and Opie versions are available.


Latest PXA kernels can be found in the 2.4.19 feed. Add this line to ipkg.conf:

 src 2.4.19

and then type ipkg install kernel-pxa to install the current kernel.

Philip Blundell
Last modified: Wed Feb 05 10:43:03 GMT 2003

The current stable release is v0.8.4
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